About Us

Upstream is a full-service internet marketing company.

We create Websites, Online Marketing Campaigns, and we do Web Analytics such as Competition and Keyword Research. We can also help you creating Facebook Pages, do Search Engine Optimalization, set up your new Online Store – and more.


We have more than 6 years of experience creating great results online. We achieve that by creating websites that look good and are easy to use, tracking conversions and optimising for ROI.

You can learn more about what we offer by checking our feature list.


My name is Amund Erichsen, and I’m the founder of Upstream.

I have been working most of my life doing analytics and creating websites. I’ve always had a passion for creating great user experiences. I want things to be easy to use, and that is also an essential part of what we do at Upstream.

Aside from being the founder of Upstream, I’m a passionate traveller, single origin coffee enthusiast and amateur long distance runner.

Thanks for taking your time exploring the Upstream website. I hope we can serve you and your company. If you want to get it touch, I’m always available at ae@upstream.agency. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.